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Protect Your Investment With Regular Pool Maintenance

As Arizona natives, our pool maintenance Phoenix team knows that there’s nothing better than cooling off in your own backyard oasis. However, we also know how big of an investment it is to have your own pool. In order to protect your investment, weekly pool maintenance is crucial.

Think of it like a car. Your car needs regular upkeep in order to continue running smoothly for years. Pools are very similar. Regular cleanings, chemical checks, and equipment inspections are key to avoiding algae growth and costly repairs. On top of that, it ensures that the water is always safe for you and your loved ones to use.

Many people opt for doing their maintenance themselves. But if you prefer a professional to take on the task for you, our pool maintenance Phoenix team is equipped and ready to do so.

Enjoy Your Pool & Let Us Handle The Rest!

What to Expect From Our Weekly Pool Care Visit


Skim Surface


Brush Walls, Steps & Tiles


Vaccum Floor


Test & Balance Water Chemistry


Clean Out Pump & Skimmer Baskets


Inspect Equipment


Backwash As Needed


Add Chlorine & Other Chemicals As Needed

The 3 Keys to Proper Pool Care


When pool water becomes stagnant, it gives Algae the perfect environment to grow. That’s why circulation is one of the most crucial parts of pool maintenance. The three main parts of the circulatory system are the skimmer, pump, and filter.

You can think of the pump as the “heart” of your pool. The pump sucks pool water through the skimmer, and that water makes its way to the pump and into the filter, the filter cleans out dirt and debris and then that newly filtered water is pumped back into the pool.

To ensure proper circulation takes place, the pump should be running 8-12 hours a day, backwashing and filter cleans should be done as needed, and the skimmer and pump baskets should be emptied weekly.


The second part our pool maintenance team will take care of is cleaning. This involves skimming debris off the surface, brushing the walls and steps, and vacuuming the floor.

Skimming the surface with a net helps rid your pool of unwanted debris. Not only does it make your pool look aesthetically pleasing, but it helps prevent contamination and staining.

Brushing the walls and steps with a nylon brush prevents algae growth, stains, and scaling from happening.

Vacuuming the floor of your pool is another important step to remove unwanted debris. If large amounts of debris, such as dirt, leaves, rocks, foreign objects, etc., are left in your pool, circulation can become impaired.


Along with circulation and cleaning, chemistry is another key component in keeping your pool clean and healthy. Keeping pool water balanced helps avoid algae and bacteria growth that lead to cloudy or green water. 

During our weekly visit, we will always test your water and add the necessary chemicals as needed. The testing strips tell us about the pH, Calcium Hardness, Alkalinity, Chlorine, and Phosphates.

We will also shock your pool as needed. Shocking is when you put an extra large amount of sanitizer into your pool to rid the water of bacteria and other contaminants. The need for this usually depends on how often the pool is used as well as what season it is.  

Why Should You Choose AquaScapes for Pool Maintenance?

We don’t just clean your pool, we care for it.

We know pool companies are a dime a dozen here in Arizona and choosing one to trust can be hard. Our pool maintenance phoenix team promises to always go above and beyond when taking care of your backyard oasis. We will always do our best to go the extra mile in order to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Unlike other companies, we prioritize quality over quantity. We won’t just stop by for 5 minutes, do the bare minimum, and call it good. We give our full effort with each step, pay attention to detail, and never cut corners. By doing so, we are able to take over the stress of caring for your pool so all you have to worry about is enjoying it.

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