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Bring Your Backyard To Life With a Custom Pool Build

Our Phoenix Pool Builders are equipped and ready to give your backyard the transformation it deserves. We know how important it is for our fellow Arizona residents to have a place to cool off and relax during the hot summer months and a backyard pool is perfect for that. But it’s more than just a pool. It’s a place for relaxation, an escape from the chaos, and a place for family and friends to gather and celebrate all of life’s exciting moments.

When it comes to building pools, our AquaScapes will work closely with you to get a solid understanding of your vision in order to implement it effectively. We know what an investment building a pool can be and our main priority is to ensure that by the end of the process, you can look at your new oasis and feel good about the investment made.

Experience the AquaScapes difference in your new pool build.

Step 1: Creating the Vision

Once you’ve contacted us, we will set up a day and time for our project manager to come look at the landscape of your yard and take measurments. He then creates a digital model of the pool and its features based on your budget. We will then go over the plans with you and once they are approved, we will work on getting the necessary building permits.

Step 2: Construction

Once permits are granted, it’s time to start creating your oasis. Being that building a pool is a huge investment, our pool builders in Phoenix promise to always have quality, precision, and safety in mind. Throughout the construction, the project manager will keep you updated and inform you if any obstacle arise so you’re never left to wonder.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

The hardest parts are over and you’re just about ready to enjoy your new pool. Once contrsuction is complete, a final walkthrough is done, the pool is filled, and start-up chemicals are added. If you plan to do your own maintenance, we can give you a rundown of what to do. If you opt for a professional service, we can get you set up with our weekly maintenance.

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Phoenix Pool Builders

Why Choose AquaScapes?

At AquaScapes, we prioritize quality over quantity. We don’t overstuff our schedule to fit as many jobs as possible. We only take on a certain amount of new builds each month so that our team is never rushed and can put all of their energy into building your pool the right way. We take pride in being honest with our work and never cut corners. We construct each new pool with precision, accuracy, and attention to detail.

We have built relationships with a variety of material suppliers so that we can always get what we need to stay within your promised timeline. This has allowed us to have a lower wait time compared to other pool builders. While events can occasionally occur that may put the project behind schedule, it is rare and we promise to do whatever it takes to still get it done on time.


Ensure the Longevity of Your Pool With Our Other Pool Services

Hands are shown in bottom right corner. They are holding a tool in the right hand while the left hand holds up a pool tiles against the cement on the pool's wall.

Pool Remodeling

Not only do we build pools but we can update an existing pool as well. Pool tiles falling off? Finding cracks in your pool’s surface? Remodeling can help avoid damage due to years of wear and tear as well as give your pool a modern look. Whether you do a full remodel or just opt for new tiles, we are happy to help revamp your pool.

Up close shot of tech using drill to unscrew pool light

Pool Repair

When it comes to needing repairs, time is not on your side. Letting one problem with your pool go unresolved can create a domino effect of issues the longer you wait. Whether you need a Green Pool Treatment, Filter cleaning, Pump Replacement, etc., AquaScapes is ready to help. Using our expertise, we will get your pool back to working efficiently for years to come.

Hands are shown in bottom right corner. They are holding a tool in the right hand while the left hand holds up a pool tiles against the cement on the pool's wall.

Pool Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity of your swimming pool. When you sign up for our weekly pool cleanings, you can feel confident that your pool is getting the best care possible. We won’t just spend five minutes doing the bare minimum. We take pride in our attention to detail and in-depth cleanings that will keep your pool in tip-top shape.

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